Home Office Colour Ideas & Inspiration

Home office walls painted in a silver blue paint colour. Home office walls painted in a silver blue paint colour.

Home Office Colour Ideas & Inspiration

Your choice of home office paint colours can both maximize productivity and ignite your creativity.

From efficiency-enhancing greens to high-energy pops of red and yellow, Benjamin Moore fuels home office ideas and creativity.
Bright home office painted in white paint

Calming Paint Colours: A Blank Slate

Given at-home diversions, finding focus in your home office is critical. Our favourite non-distracting colours include neutrals, blues and greens. Some research suggests green is an effective wall colour to increase concentration, so consider Guilford Green HC-116 or High Park CC-620. Our favourite light blues for home offices include Blue Danube 2062-30 and Woodlawn Blue HC-147.

Light colours are not only calming, but they create great backdrops for pin boards, pictures and shelving without being too “loud” for a space where concentration is important. You can never go wrong with white for a home studio or office, as seen in this crisp office in Simply White OC-117.
Home office painted in a light pale pink paint colour

Lighting & Accent Walls

Accent walls and wainscotting can provide colourful creative punctuation for your home office, library or study. Brighter, more energizing colours we love for the office include Touch of Pink 2008-70, Banana Yellow 2022-40 and Surf Blue 2056-30.

Whether your colour choice is warm or cool, as seen in this video, light plays a major role in how colour transforms any room. Use a balance of task lighting and ambient lighting with appealing light temperatures so that the office is equally functional and visually comfortable.
Home office painted in white and blue paint colours

Sheen: The Finishing Touch

Don’t forget to consider the design impact of sheen. Because it reduces glare, a matte finish will produce a soft look that works well in an office.

Chairs, desks, cabinets, bookcases or any other office furniture present an opportunity for a higher impact sheen to stand out against classic matte or eggshell walls. If you want shine and contrast for your office furniture, consider ADVANCE®, which provides a furniture-like finish in a high gloss.
Home office painted in white with wood accent wall

Find the Perfect Colour for Your Home Office

Create your own home office colour schemes—browse all of our 3,500+ colours online to get started!

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