Interior Trim Paint Colour Ideas & Inspiration

Taupe entryway with neutral-painted trim and wainscoting, wooden door, and upholstered beige chair. Taupe entryway with neutral-painted trim and wainscoting, wooden door, and upholstered beige chair.

Interior Trim Paint Colour Ideas & Inspiration

Trim colour can be used to elicit eye-catching designs or unify a space. It can stand as the hero or play the perfect supporting role.

From white-painted trim that offers a crisp, classic look to saturated colours that make trim pop, the design power of painted trim should never be overlooked. Whether you want to play it safe or be adventurous, we’ve got the tips and tricks to inspire and inform.

Go-To White Trim Paint Colours

Love the look of classic white trim?

“Our top tip for choosing white trim paint is to align with the same undertone as your wall,” says Arianna Cesa, Benjamin Moore colour and design expert. “For example, if you have blue walls, look to white paint colours that have a blue undertone to create a cohesive look.”

On your quest for the best white paint for interior doors and trim, consider:

White Dove OC-17

For goes-with-anything soft white trim:
A versatile classic, White Dove OC-17 is a homeowner favourite for trim because of its subtle touch of warmth.
Decorator’s White OC-149

For trim next to cooler wall colours:
White Heron OC-57 and Decorator’s White OC-149 are favourite trim paint pairings for walls with cool undertones—think greens, blues, violets, and cool grays.
Cloud White OC-130

For trim next to warmer wall colours:
Cloud White OC-130 or Simply White OC-117 are both great choices for trim next to warmer wall colours—-think reds, oranges, yellows, beiges, and tans.
Chantilly Lace OC-65

For bright, clean, white trim:
Chantilly Lace OC-65 or Super White OC-152 top our experts’ list for a super crisp white paint colour.
An all-white painted bathroom with two white-trimmed windows over a clawfoot tub and white-painted doors and ceiling.

All White Trim: A Classic Look

If a classic, timeless look is what you are after, then an all-white painted room is a smart choice.

In this bathroom, the walls, trim, ceiling and doors are all painted in White Heron OC-57. The finish of paint impacts the design look of any painted space. In this bathroom, both satin and flat sheens add dimension and contrast.

Another factor with any colour—especially white—is lighting. Using one white paint colour for an entire space may keep colour combinations simple, however but lighting still needs to be considered. Turn to the colours by direction section for expert tips on how to navigate natural light and its impact on colour choice. And always make sure to audition any colour—including white—with a colour sample.
An all-white-painted kitchen with white cabinets, a butcher block-topped kitchen island, and pendant lighting.

Keep it Simple: Kitchen Cabinets & Trim

Kitchen cabinets, kitchen islands, wall colour, ceiling, trim: there is a lot going on in the average kitchen!

“When it comes to choosing trim colours for a kitchen, we always recommend homeowners keep it simple and look to the colours already in the space,” says Arianna. “Establish what the focal point of your kitchen is, whether it’s the kitchen island, cabinets, tile or a backsplash, and use that as your colour guide.”

If you want the paint colour of your cabinets to stand out, for example, paint the window, floor and door trim the same colour as walls and/or ceiling. This approach helps spotlight your kitchen cabinets.

All-white painted kitchens are immensely popular. Here, Cloud Nine OC-119 on the trim, ceiling, and cabinets pairs effortlessly with the slightly softer Seashell OC-120 on the walls. Both from the Off White Collection, this pairing produces a refreshing, unified end result.
A dining room with window trim paint in light blue and navy, a light blue ceiling, white walls, spindle back chairs, and dining room table.

Make a Statement with Colourful Window Trim

If you want your trim to pop, use a bolder trim colour paired against neutral walls—think off-whites, greiges, and taupes.

In this dining room, two different paint colours help accentuate statement-making oversized windows: Hale Navy HC-154 on the window mullions, and Smoke 2122-40 on the trim.

Many homeowners use the same colour on trim and ceiling for a cohesive look, usually opting for lighter hues. We love sky-evoking blues like Ocean Air 2123-50, Woodlawn Blue HC-147, and Blue Heather 1620 as well as light greens like Soft Fern 2144-40, Tea Light 471, and Antique Jade 465.

Move Beyond White for Trim

Interior trim ideas come in all colours. Consider these ideas:

White Down OC-131
Grant Beige HC-83
Warm, welcoming, and inviting:
Layer warm neutrals to keep any space soft and subtle.

Proposed pairing, left to right:
White Down OC-131 on wall, and Grant Beige HC-83 on trim.
Horizon OC-53
Van Courtland Blue HC-145
Refreshing and calming:
Take advantage of the relaxing qualities inherent in dusty blues and modern cool grays.

Proposed pairing, left to right:
Horizon OC-53 on wall, and Van Courtland Blue HC-45 on trim.
Atrium White OC-145
Cloud White OC-130
Modern, high contrast:
Black trim against white walls is hugely popular on both on interiors and exteriors.

Proposed pairing, left to right:
Atrium White OC-145 on wall, and Onyx 2133-10 on trim.
Crystalline AF-485
Cushing Green HC-125
Monochromatic and cool:
Paint trim a few shades darker than the wall using the same colour family for a slick look.

Proposed pairing, left to right:
Crystalline AF-485 on wall, and Cushing Green HC-125 on trim.
A Hale Navy-painted hallway with white-trimmed windows, wooden sideboard, and French doors.

Pair White Trim with Bold Coloured Walls

Bright, crisp, white trim offers a clean, beautiful frame for walls with deeply saturated colours. White painted trim also lets statement-making paint colour be the star of the show.

In addition to its supporting role for bold colours, white painted baseboards, crown moldings, and window trim highlight intricate molding and millwork.

Here, homeowner favourite Old Navy 2063-10 provides elegant contrast against Simply White OC-117, a former Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year beloved for its subtle wink of warmth.
An open black-painted door leads to a hallway in neutral hues.

Considering Classic Crown Moulding

Intricate crown moldings deserve to be a focal point of any room.

For these iconic architectural features, consider these approaches:
  • Use the same white paint colour on crown moldings as on ceiling and trim: This is by far the most popular homeowner approach, providing an undeniably classic, uniform look.
  • Use the same paint colour on walls and crown molding: Try this for more of a modern, monochromatic look—but keep in mind that this approach may hide the details of your crown molding.
  • Distinctive accent colour: When you choose a paint colour specifically for crown moldings, you’ll draw attention to its detail, highlighting its elegance and visual appeal.

Here, walls in dark gray Wrought Iron 2124-10 stand out against White Opulence OC-69-painted crown moldings and trim. The door, painted in rich Black 2132-10, adds even more drama and contrast.
An all-blue-painted pantry with blue shelving, blue door, a window, and tile floors.

A Look We Love: Paint Walls and Trim the Same Colour

Painting the walls and trim the same colour can help make smaller spaces feel larger.

This monochromatic approach blurs the edges of the room and tricks the eye, a great choice for pantries, entryways, bathrooms, and smaller bedrooms.

“When using one colour for the walls and trim, we love painting interior doors the same colour as well for a completely un-interrupted look,” says Arianna. “When using bolder hues, it allows you to be more immersed in the colour.”

The mighty impact of this one-colour approach is beautifully reflected in this pantry, entirely painted in Tranquil Blue 2051-50.

Types of Trim Moulding

There are many different types of trim. Here’s a quick primer on trim-related terms.

Baseboards/floor trim — trim installed at the bottom of the walls

Crown moulding/ceiling trim — trim installed at the top of the walls

Window mullion — A mullion is physically part of a window and forms a division between units of a window or screen. While not “officially” trim, homeowners often paint mullions in either white or black paint.

Window casings/window trim and door casings/door trim — trim installed around openings such as doors and walls

Wall trim — These types of trim are not at the top, bottom, or openings of walls, but rather applied directly to walls for aesthetic design; these include chair rails and picture rails.

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Charcoal gray-painted walls with matching charcoal gray window trim, beige couch, off-white throw, and patterned rug.

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