Living Room Colour Ideas & Inspiration


Living Room Colour Ideas & Inspiration

The living room is designed for friends and family to gather and spend time. For this public space, the best paint colour is one that fits the mood or atmosphere you want to create.

The main living area of your house is where you establish your signature style. Relaxed and casual? Modern and polished? Steeped in comforting tradition? No matter what your look, the perfect paint colour will underscore it. Pick from our extensive palette of user-friendly Aura® paints. For help in choosing the best colours for your living room, check out designer-selected colour combinations for one that fits your decorating personality.
Need living room colour ideas? Update your space with these popular living room colours.

Transform Your Space

As its name suggests, we live in our living rooms. In this video, you'll see how six popular living room colours dramatically impact the same space, resulting in a range of diverse design styles.

Favourite Benjamin Moore neutral paint colours include classic White Dove OC-17 and Stardust 2180-40. Another essential neutral that blends gray and beige, Wish AF-680, is from our Affinity Colour Collection. More vivid paint colours in this cinematic living room include elegant Black Rasberry 2072-20, cheerful Hibiscus 2027-50, and the always-airy Gossamer Blue 2123-40, all of which create a distinct mood in the space.
Living room with brick wall and modern furniture

Shifting into Neutral

Neutral colours are natural colour choices for a living area. Often living rooms and family rooms are open to other areas of the house so a great neutral can enable the use of colour in adjoining spaces. Picking the best neutral paint colour is a matter of style: warm shades tend to be inviting and cozy while hues with cool undertones have a chic, modern vibe. And don’t consider white a colour cop-out—selecting from the vast variety of white hues creates a blank canvas for favourite art and furnishings.
Clean living room with dark purple wall and black side chairs

A Case for Colour

If most of the prominent elements in your living area are neutral-toned—carpet, flooring and fabrics—the right paint colour can add dimension and interest. Deciding on the best colour for your home? Visit your local Benjamin Moore retailer or our online store to purchase Benjamin Moor Paint Colour Samples to see how the colour looks throughout the day for a thorough accurate colour assessment.
Living room with wide fireplace, purple wall and rolling ladder

Beyond the Pale

When you want to add design drama with bold colour but don’t want the hue to overpower your space, paint an accent wall. Choose a wall in the room that makes sense as a focal point, such as a fireplace wall. Select a colour that can be tied to the overall space with fabrics, area rugs, and accessories. The remaining walls can be painted in a lighter version of the accent colour, or select a neutral with an undertone that complements the accent wall.
Soft blue living room with contemporary furniture

See the Light

The amount of light your living room gets impacts colour. A room flooded with sunlight can handle more saturated colour, but pale shades tend to get washed out. For help in picking the most comfortable colour, take your room’s temperature. Cool colour counters strong sunlight, but north-facing rooms get cozier wrapped in a warm colour. Choose Benjamin Moore Aura® paint in a matte finish to ease the reflections in a room with strong natural light, or for a soft effect in rooms where natural light is minimal.
Aura® Interior Paint

AURA® Interior Paint

It’s your home’s special-event room, and you want to show it off with pride. Pick a paint that combines rich, vibrant colour with unprecedented durability.

A painting contractor rolling white paint onto a primed wall.

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