Best Paint Colors for South-Facing Rooms


Best Paint Colors for South-Facing Rooms

There are many factors that contribute to the way a color appears in a space. Both the amount of natural light, as well as the direction the light is coming from, will determine the cast of your paint color.

If you have a south-facing room, known as southern exposure, consider the following paint colors and tips to help you find the best hues for your space.

Lighting from the north, east, south or west—each has characteristics that influence the cast and color of paint. Common features of southern exposure natural light are:
  • A south-facing room tends to get consistent natural light throughout the day.
  • Natural light in a room with southern exposure tends to be strong.
  • Lighting often casts a warmer tone in a room with southern exposure.
The warm, natural light of a south-facing room provides an energizing, happy aura for your spaces. Select paint colors with a lower brightness and the right balance of warm and cool undertones.
Let's take a look at the ever-popular white, gray and neutral paint color families, all subtle hues that are most affected by natural light.
Neutral living room with white walls and an off-white wall mantel, and a white circle coffee table in between two cream couches.

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