Best Paint Colors for West-Facing Rooms


Best Paint Colors for West-Facing Rooms

Paint colors can cast differently depending on the lighting in the space. All light, especially natural light, will make an impact. Learn about rooms that get natural light from the west and the best paint colors to balance out 'western exposure' below.

North, east, south or west each deliver a different quality of light to a room, having a powerful effect on the intensity and cast of your paint colors. Some common characteristics of western light are:
  • A west-facing room tends to get more indirect and somewhat muted light in the morning, and stronger direct light past noon.
  • The natural light in a room with western exposure tends to be a warmer cast.
  • Amber tones are common for light that comes from the west.
How can you balance the bright, warm light of western exposure? Consider warm and cool undertones when choosing a paint color, and opt for cool-toned colors to even out the light.

Natural light will have the most impact on softer, more subtle paint colors like white, gray and neutral hues. Let's take a look at the best colors within these color families for west-facing rooms.
Neutral living room with white walls and an off-white wall mantel, and a white circle coffee table in between two cream couches.

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