Pacific Northwest
Color by Region


Pacific Northwest
Color by Region

Layered in mist, the Pacific Northwest landscape conjures mountains, lakes, trees and rocky ocean views–all of which add up to a stunning color palette.

The gray skies of the Pacific Northwest create a moody backdrop for the region’s color palette, which offers a playful range of mid-tone and modern neutral paint colors—the perfect hues for verdant forests and dramatic gray-blue coastlines.
White cushioned chair in lounge area next to kitchen with tan walls and wood cabinets.

Paint Colors of the Pacific Northwest

Living spaces in this dramatic region, in both color and design, tend to synch with its majestic landscape.

Heavily wooded pine forests, beautiful lakes and inlets, and the distant snow-capped peaks of the Cascade Mountain are reflected in the hues within our Pacific Northwest paint color palette.

A dark gray kitchen island, sleek side-table, metallic surfaces, and a side door painted in Black 2132-10 add depth and dimension to this breezy, open kitchen space. Jute AF-80, from our mix-and-match Affinity Color Collection—and one of our favorite neutral paint hues—serves as a versatile backdrop for bolder colors.
Bright, airy kitchen with a bold island painted in Caribbean Blue Water 2055-30.

Perk Up a Room with Bold Accent Colors

Adding a pop of bright color to any room is always a good idea, but even more so given the typically cloudy skies of the Pacific Northwest. In the case of this cozy kitchen, soft Gray Owl OC-52-colored cabinets are livened up with a Marblehead Gold HC-11-painted door, and a Caribbean Blue Water 2055-30 kitchen island. Anjou Pear AF-425 and Raspberry Blush 2008-30 are also great hues to energize Pacific Northwest interiors.

Given the region’s natural bounty, greens are a favorite color choice for the Pacific Northwest, from living rooms in earthy Great Barrington Green HC-122 to accent furniture in cheery Cedar Green 2034-40.
Gated driveway on a southwestern style home overlooking a scenic mountain range.

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