7 Top Reasons Painting Contractors Need AURA® Interior Paint

AURA Interior is now even more beautiful and longer-lasting—with enhanced performance.

AURA® Interior Paint
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The Best Interior Paint Just Got Better

With its rich, deep color, AURA Interior wins over homeowners—and ensures satisfied customers.
Painting Contractors Win with AURA

Using AURA® Interior strengthens your reputation, drives repeat business, and helps you get more referrals. Since Benjamin Moore has recently made AURA® Interior paint more beautiful, more durable, and even longer-lasting than ever before, it’s a great time to look at the top reasons you should use it.

1. Less time, less paint

You can take on more jobs and add to your bottom line using AURA Interior. Superior hide and coverage—even in lighter tones or whites—means you’ll need less paint and complete projects quicker. And of course, AURA Interior is self-priming.

2. Minimize Disruption—1 hour to touch, 1 hour to recoat

Maximize efficiency for every job with AURA Interior’s fast dry time in matte, eggshell, satin and semi-gloss sheens.

3. Luxurious results for every substrate

Deliver flawless top coats: Enhanced flow and leveling means a smooth, uniform finish.

4. Patented technologies. Redefined beauty and durability.

  • Proprietary resins, including a new resin developed specifically for AURA Interior that resists burnishing, scuffing and stains—and keeps color and sheen intact even after washing.
  • Color Lock® Technology: Exclusive to AURA Interior, this technology locks color into the paint film by embedding pigments within binding molecules.
  • Gennex® colorant and Benjamin Moore paint: this essential combination ensures durability and color consistency, making AURA Interior paint and color truly unmatchable.

5. AURA® Interior is not just for deep colors

Every color in Benjamin Moore’s 3,500+ color portfolio is tintable in AURA.

6. Touch-ups are easier than ever

Improved open time—especially on satin and semi-gloss—allows more time to come back and touch up on key areas like trim and more.

7. No need for special brushes or techniques

Rule #1 is always to use a high-quality paintbrush—no particular make. For rollers, we recommend a shed-resistant 3/8'' nap roller cover. Premium shed-resistant AURA-branded rollers are available at select Benjamin Moore retailers, but as long as your roller is high-quality, you’re good to go.

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