Season 3: Episodes

Benny Montalbano, founder of Elite Painting Services Plus

S3, Episode 1: The Ties Between Community and Paint

The founder of Elite Painting Services Plus shares the challenges of starting a company and the value of giving back.

Season 2: Episodes

Man with dark hair in a button-up white shirt and black jacket smiles forward, arms folded.

The Glue Between Paint and Painters

Learn how Gennaro D’Amelio, a Benjamin Moore territory rep, supports painting contractors and retailers.

Man with closely cropped hair standing outside an office building, with a button-up shirt labeled “George Apap Painting.”

Four Generations of Painting

Learn how George Apap successfully runs a painting company that has been in business for over four generations.

A smiling blonde-haired woman wearing a white sweatshirt stands in front of a gray backdrop.

Heart, Hustle and Painting

Learn how Georgian Bay Painters sparked a business in a pandemic, trained talent, and combined heart and hustle to gain clients.

Two bearded men stand side by side, both smiling, wearing baseball hats.

Holding Your Business Accountable

Learn how Aloft Group manages workloads and crews, uses resources responsibly, and more.

A woman sporting a shaved head and jacket crosses her arms in front of a light brick wall, smiling and confident-looking.

The Key to Hiring Successful Workers

Get insights on managing budget and staffing needs with the Director of Marketing and Recruitment at Korth & Shannahan.

A smiling man in a white tee shirt looks directly at the camera.

Blending Business and Passion

Gain insights on enhancing productivity between jobs, thoughts on tech and more with the owner of Nth Degree Painting.

Season 1: Episodes

A dark-haired man with a full beard stands in a white, short-sleeved collared shirt, denim overalls, looking ahead.

Episode 6: Shared Experience

Nick Slavik, founder of Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Company, reveals his winning formula for finding, training and retaining talent.

A man with dark hair and goatee wearing a suit smiles in a close-up.

Episode 5: It Takes a Village

Jeff Dupont, owner of Sound Painting Solutions, discusses the importance of reaching out and leveraging professional relationships, including sales reps, retailers, and more.

Two women stand besides one another, one dark-haired and the other blonde, smiling.

Episode 4: Women Painting

Deborah Viveiros and Rafaela Valadares, founders, owners and operators of Women Painting & Decorating, share the secrets to succeeding in a male-dominated profession.

A young man wearing a baseball hat and a black polo shirt labeled

Episode 3: More than Just Painting

Jason Paris, founder of Paris Painting, and chair of Painting Contractors Association (PCA) shares his thoughts on business strategies, the value of partnerships, and the winning habits that maximize time, talent, and other resources.

A man with slicked back hair and a full beard wearing a tuxedo with a bow-tie poses in front of a tall, residential building.

Episode 2: Learning is Earning

Kevin Rivera, founder of KVART Florida Construction shares insights on his educational journey, searching for the right painters and crew managers.

A smiling, clean-shaven man with dark hair wearing a suit.

Episode 1: A Family Affair

Brian Jurgens, fourth-generation SVP of W.T. Kenney of Massachusetts, a successful commercial painting company serving greater Boston for over 80 years.

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