Wood Stain Colors


Wood Stain Colors

Enhance the natural beauty of exterior wood with gorgeous opacities and colors with a finish that provides superior protection against mildew and harsh weather conditions: ARBORCOAT® delivers.

Weather never takes a day off. With ARBORCOAT® Exterior Stain, you get year-round protection plus a timeless palette of driftwood grays, warm russets and woodland greens.

Choose from several opacities—translucent, semi-transparent, semi-solid and solid. Each opacity offers a level of color that reveals more or less of the wood. Unsure of how to select a wood stain color and opacity? Follow our guide to choosing a wood stain color.

For Comparison: Untreated White Pine*

White Pine
White Pine

*These colors have been rendered on white pine. Results may vary depending on finish and wood type; use color samples on an example of your wood for true color accuracy.


Enriches the beauty of wood with a touch of color and allows the grain and texture to show through.


Allows some of the wood grain and texture to show through with a bit more color.


Ideal for soft woods, Semi-Solid stains provide a barrier with more color while covering most imperfections.


Covers a majority of imperfections while lightly allowing the texture of the wood to show through. Available in 3,500 Benjamin Moore colors.

ARBORCOAT® Exterior Stain

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Protect and beautify all of your exterior wood surfaces.

A stained deck with pink pool tube on it, and wet footprints.

How to Choose a Wood Stain Color

Follow this step-by-step guide to find the best wood stain color for an outcome you’ll love.